Golden Dragon Electric Bus Technology Training Program Launches in Africa


On June 4, 2024, an electric vehicle and energy storage technology training program targeting African countries was officially launched, initiated by the Global Energy Interconnection Development Cooperation Organization and jointly organized with the Chinese Mission to the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the African Electric Power Utilities Association. Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Golden Dragon"), a leading enterprise in China's public transportation industry, was invited to provide practical feasibility analysis methods, training courses, and reports on the suitability of electric vehicle industry development for African governments and related industries in the inaugural training session of 2024. This aims to help African countries achieve shared development among the people and promote the integration, prosperity, and peace of the African continent.

The six-day training covers topics such as the construction and operation of electric vehicle charging facilities, electric vehicle standards and development experience, energy storage industry policies, and project investment and financing experience. It aims to accelerate the construction of energy interconnection in Africa, promote the elimination of power outages, and advance electrification, industrialization, and sustainable development. Nearly 200 participants from energy departments, power companies, universities, and research institutions in 25 African countries, including C?te d'Ivoire, South Africa, and Ghana, attended the training.

Luo Senmo, the Manager of Global Application Engineering Department at Golden Dragon, delivered lectures to the participants online on June 6. He focused on two topics: adaptability analysis and planning technology for electric public transportation systems, and an in-depth analysis of the electric public transportation vehicle industry chain. Using Golden Dragon's export cases as vivid examples, especially the KD project in Ethiopia, he provided new ideas for the development of electric public transportation in African countries.

This training program aligns with Golden Dragon's export philosophy of "teaching people to fish instead of giving them fish." In recent years, China's electric vehicles and related energy storage technologies have made significant progress, forming complete industrial chains for electric vehicle energy storage batteries, drive motors, core control technologies, as well as research, development, production, and application of energy storage batteries. Against this backdrop, Golden Dragon has actively promoted KD businesses overseas, setting up factories locally to provide numerous job opportunities. Additionally, Golden Dragon establishes technical training schools in these regions to help cultivate qualified vehicle engineers.

As a Chinese enterprise, Golden Dragon views its export destinations not merely as markets but as partners in realizing their industrialization dreams. Similarly, in the context of promoting economic and social development in Africa, the industrial sector on the continent urgently needs to expand and create job opportunities for the growing youth population. African countries also need to consider environmental protection issues in their development process to achieve harmony between humans and nature. Golden Dragon is committed to contributing to accelerating the development of electric vehicles and energy storage industries in Africa.

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