Golden Dragon Bus and Indonesian Partners Jointly Build a Green Public Transportation


On May 15, 2024, at the splendid stage of the Busworld Southeast Asia Exhibition, Golden Dragon Bus, a leading enterprise in China's bus manufacturing industry, once again shone brightly. During this exhibition, Golden Dragon prominently launched three industry-leading electric buses. These models not only represent Golden Dragon's latest achievements in green travel technology but also demonstrate Golden Dragon's firm determination to deepen its presence in the Indonesian market and actively promote the electrification transformation of local public transportation.

Golden Dragon Buses has maintained a close partnership with its long-term Indonesian partner, SAG. Together, they provide excellent bus products and professional services to the Indonesian market. This collaborative model not only promotes in-depth exchanges between China and Indonesia in the transportation sector but also injects new vitality into Indonesia's public transportation.

In an interview with reporter, the head of SAG, ANDRE, shared his experience of collaborating with Golden Dragon: "Before deciding to cooperate with Golden Dragon, I visited their factory several times and was deeply impressed by their exquisite pursuit of technology and pragmatic attitude towards the market. We both showed a sincere willingness to cooperate." With Golden Dragon's full support, SAG successfully introduced Golden Dragon's electric buses into the Indonesian market, gaining widespread praise. Currently, Golden Dragon's electric buses have occupied an important position in the Indonesian market. SAG is fully confident in the cooperation prospects with Golden Dragon and plans to introduce electric bus chassis for local assembly to further expand its market share.

SAG expresses high trust and satisfaction with Golden Dragon Buses' comprehensive support and services, which are reflected in every aspect from pre-sales consulting to market research, as well as accessory supply and after-sales service. Golden Dragon Buses not only provides high-quality products to SAG but also gives strong support in every link of market operation. This cooperation model ensures that SAG can smoothly promote and sell Golden Dragon Buses in the Indonesian market, providing a solid after-sales guarantee.

"SAG as official distributor & afters ales services of Golden Dragon in Indonesia" as specially marked on its official website, showing the close partnership between the two parties. This cooperation not only strengthens SAG's confidence in Golden Dragon Buses but also enhances local users' trust in Golden Dragon Buses. Thanks to Golden Dragon Buses' comprehensive support and services, SAG can confidently recommend Golden Dragon Buses to local users, ensuring adequate support in market promotion, sales, and after-sales service.

Golden Dragon Buses' success in the Indonesian market is no coincidence, backed by its excellent product quality and professional service support. According to Hu Xiao, Vice president of Golden Dragon International Trading Company, Golden Dragon Buses is committed to introducing cutting-edge technology in the industry and is willing to work with local bus body manufacturers to jointly improve the overall level of the Indonesian bus industry. Hu emphasized, "Golden Dragon comes to the Indonesian market hoping to make more industry friends, not competitors. We want to work together to drive the progress of the entire Indonesian bus industry."

This cooperation model not only helps Golden Dragon Buses further consolidate and expand its market share in Indonesia but also brings valuable technical resources and advanced management experience to the local area, promoting continuous progress in the Indonesian bus industry. Golden Dragon Buses has always adhered to the concept of win-win cooperation and is willing to share chassis technology with local Indonesian body manufacturers to jointly create a better future.

During the exhibition, Golden Dragon's 12-meter electric city bus won the "Best Design Award" from the Busworld organizers. Chen Chaoyun, Regional Market Director of Asia Pacific, said, "As the third largest country in Asia in terms of population, Indonesia has an enormous demand for buses. We hope to take this opportunity to gain more recognition from local users for Golden Dragon Buses. Meanwhile, Golden Dragon is also willing to share its advanced technology and rich experience in the field of pure electricity with local Indonesian body manufacturers, helping the Indonesian market achieve a more efficient electric bus transformation."

Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia, and urban public transportation and long-distance passenger transport are the main public transportation tools for its citizens. The Indonesian government is now massively building road infrastructure. The government plans to increase the length of toll roads from 2,386 kilometers to 5,103 kilometers by 2024 and to 18,800 kilometers by 2030. The length of Jakarta's Bus Rapid Transit system will increase from 431 kilometers to 2,149 kilometers. Indonesia will spend $70 billion on toll roads to help connect this vast country by 2024. This is a growing market with tremendous commercial potential.

Indonesia has many local bus body manufacturers, with an annual total industry output of up to 5,000 units. With the continuous improvement of Indonesia's highway construction and urban public transportation, the demand for passenger transport and public transportation vehicles is growing. With keen market insight and excellent product innovation capabilities, Golden Dragon Buses has occupied a pivotal position in the Indonesian market through deep cooperation with local enterprises, laying a solid foundation for future development and further expanding its influence in Indonesia and even the entire Asia Pacific market, achieving greater commercial value.

Looking ahead, Golden Dragon Buses will continue to deepen its close partnership with Indonesian partners and jointly explore more market opportunities and development spaces. We believe that this cross-border cooperation model will become a bright spot in China-Indonesia economic and trade cooperation, creating more win-win opportunities and a better future for both parties. We also hope that Chinese bus and supporting enterprises, represented by Golden Dragon, will promote high-quality Chinese buses and supporting products to a broader international market, further enhancing the global influence of Made in China.

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