Golden Dragon GLE850: A Rising Star in Logistic Market


Recently, Golden Dragon officially rolled out a new logistic vehicle model GLE850, which immediately aroused keen interest among customers.

One of the biggest highlight of GLE850 is that its batteries can be easily dismounted and recharged, fully addressing customers’ concerns about the power of electric vehicles. By adopting an independent battery system, the vehicle enables customers to further cut their costs by 30%-40% through renting batteries instead of buying them. After being fully recharged in just 90 minutes-120 minutes, GLE850 is able to drive 500 km - 600 km continuously.

With a cargo tank measuring 3.2-meter in length and 1.65-meter in height, GLE850 is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 80 kW and a maximum torque of 270 N.m. 

With the robust growth of China’s logistic industry, GLE850 is an ideal choice for urban distribution, further strengthening operators’ profitability.
According to Golden Dragon, it will soon release its electric light trucks, electric mini-trucks and electric refrigerating trucks, all of which have separate battery systems. So far, it has successfully developed over a dozen of electric vehicles for the varied needs of logistic market. In 2021, Golden Dragon sold over 6,000 units new energy mid-coaches, ranking the first place in China’s mid-coach market. 

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