Golden Dragon STAR Tour Buses Provide New Travel Experiences for Tourists in Jiangmen

Recently, Jiangmen’s second urban tour bus route officially started operation. A batch of Golden Dragon STAR tour buses were put into service on the route, which will further promote the integrated development of public transportation and tourism industry in the city.

All coated in red color, Golden Dragon STAR tour bus is uniquely attractive and technologically advanced. Powered by electricity, it is able to drive 200 km continuously after being fully recharged. Generating zero emissions and little noise, the bus provides more spacious room for passengers and adopts an electronic display screen to announce bus stops and other travel informations.

In addition, Golden Dragon STAR tour bus incorporates some advanced safety measures, including barrier alarming, pedestrian alarming, lane deviation alarming, under safety distance alarming, and speeding warning, etc., providing layers of protection for passengers.

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