Golden Dragon Star Autonomous Driving Bus Put on Road Test at WICV

From November 11 to 13, 2020 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles (WICV) Conference, which is themed with “Intelligent New Era, New Life with Connected Vehicles”, was held in Beijing.

At the outdoor exhibition area, Golden Dragon’s Star autonomous driving bus was put on a real road test, attracting wide media and public attention. After the test, Golden Dragon won the Excellent Bus Maker for Providing Autonomous Driving Solutions.

Fully representing its highest bus manufacturing technologies, Golden Dragon’s Star autonomous driving bus marks a new milestone in China’s bus-making industry. It is able to perform L4-level autonomous driving and accomplish a series of complex tasks, such as route planning, sensing and avoiding vehicles and pedestrians and autonomous parking. Through real-time monitoring bus driving data, Golden Dragon L4-level autonomous driving bus has a length ranging from 6 to 10.5 meters and is able to load 10-40 passengers, providing more integrated public transportation solutions for customers from both home and abroad.

Upon customers’ special requirements, Star autonomous driving bus can add customized features to suit the transportation needs in varied scenarios, such as science & technology parks, tourist attractions, airports, high-end living communities. It is set to further improving the vehicle’s safety standards and helping bus operators cut operation costs.

As one of the pioneers in China’s autonomous driving bus industry, Golden Dragon has made a number of impressive achievements. On September 18 this year, Star autonomous driving bus won the biggest prize at the 1st China Autonomous Driving Bus Operation Contest; in October, 2019, Golden Dragon autonomous driving buses served at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, ushering the world’s first 5G-connected mini-bus route; in March, 2019, Golden Dragon autonomous driving buses were put on a real road test in Israel; in 2018 WAIAC, Golden Dragon won the most coveted prize, World Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Driving Vehicle Competition Application Award.

Having successfully obtained the first autonomous driving vehicle operation permit in China, Golden Dragon’s autonomous driving buses have been put into operation in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chongqing, Pingtan, etc. Recently, Suzhou officially introduced Golden Dragon's autonomous driving buses, attracting wide media and public attention. The new buses, connected with 5G network, have thus provided more travel convenience to the local residents.

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