Golden Dragon Ready to Shine at 2019 Busworld Exhibition in Belgium


From October 18 to 23, 2019 Busworld Exhibition is scheduled to open in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. Golden Dragon, headquartered in Xiamen, China, is ready to embark on the journey for the fourth time and shine at the much-anticipated event in the global bus industry.


In the face of growing intelligence and electrification of buses and people’s deepened awareness of environmental protection, Golden Dragon has a wide range of greener and more energy-efficient passenger transportation solutions for its customers around the globe.


In this year’s Busworld Exhibition, Golden Dragon is planning to bring four latest bus models on display. Two full electric city buses and Triumph intercity are going to make their debut in the global market while the other one, ASTAR autonomous driving bus will make its debut in Europe. The four vehicle models, fully representing Golden Dragon’s formidable strengths in the new energy vehicle industry, are set to making travel greener and more comfortable for Europeans.


1.    Pivot city buses E18 and E12

The Pivot city buses E18 and E12, powered by electricity, are specially designed for further upgrading the urban public transportation. With impressive design, Pivot is equipped with LFP batteries and a direct driving permanent synchronous motor. One single charging is able to sustain the continued operation of the bus for over 500 km. According to Golden Dragon, it will continue to develop hydrogen powered buses and autonomous driving buses to suit passengers growing demands.

2. Triumph luxury intercity

Since its development, the Triumph Intercity has become the main products in Golden Dragon’s coach segment, it is suitable for tourism, fixed routes, shuttle service and special purpose. The new family design makes Triumph anew. Inspired by the sharp and smart eagle eyes, the integrated LED headlights and taillights presents a more dynamic look while preserving the characteristics of the predecessor.

3. ASTAR autonomous driving bus

Fully integrating the latest technologies in the vehicle manufacturing industry, electronics, telecommunications, information technology, intelligent transport and global positioning, ASTAR is set to revolutionizing how people travel in the coming years and making huge splashes in the public transportation sector. Having gone through stringent aerodynamic tests, ASTAR has lowered its wind drag to the minimum. With the advent of 5G technology, the new autonomous driving bus will soon enter people’s daily life and make travel just a few clicks away.  


First held in 1971, Busworld Exhibition has been successfully held for over 40 years. As the most influential event in the global coach & bus industry, this year’s exhibition is expected to gather all major bus makers and suppliers of auto spare parts and attract an unprecedented number of visitors and bus operators.


We warmly welcome your visit to Golden Dragon’s Exhibition Booth at 2019 Busworld Exhibition.

Venue: No. 801 Booth, No. 8 Exhibition Hall, Brussels Exhibition Center, Belgium

Time: October 18-23, 2019

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