2018 Marks A New Milestone for Golden Dragon

2018 witnessed a number of historical moments in Golden Dragon’s history. Now, you are invited to relive those ground-breaking times with all of us.

From April to June in 2018, Golden Dragon held a nationwide tour, visiting 15 cities across China with its fist products, including Navigator, Triumph, Splendor, Kast Series, etc.

In addition, its driverless bus successfully obtained the permission from the government for trial operation.

Also Golden Dragon’s sales revenue in the overseas market went up by 45.5% year on year and accounted for 21% of its total sales revenue in 2018. Its buses made their way to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Philippines, and Egypt, etc. It also signed an agreement with Sierra Leone for helping the country build its public transport system.

Having served BRICS Summit and SCO Qingdao Summit in 2017, Golden Dragon buses made their appearance at the Fifth World Buddhism Forum, 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Also in 2018, Golden Dragon carried out a number of charity programs, shouldering more social responsibilities.

With their consistently impressive and powerful performances, Golden Dragon buses, such as Navigator, Triumph and Sealion gained even more popularity in the market.

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