607 Units Golden Dragon Logistic Vehicles to Serve China Post

According to Golden Dragon, a total number of 607 units logistic vehicles will soon roll off the production lines and then be delivered to their customer, China Post for service.

In 2017, Golden Dragon delivered 891 units logistic vehicles to China Post. Thanks to their smooth operation and high reliability, China Post placed an order of 607 units logistic vehicles early this year to further optimize its logistic networks in China’s western region and rural areas.

In 1995, Golden Dragon rolled out its first generation of logistic vehicles for China Post. From 1995 to 1997, its sales volume of logistic vehicles to China Post stayed at 2,000 units each year.
Currently, Sealion logistic vehicle for postal service manufactured by Golden Dragon boasts a cargo space of eight cubic meters and a loading capacity of 1.6 tons. In 2016 and 2017, the vehicle won two major awards in China for its high fuel economy and superb customer satisfaction.

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