General Consulate of Israel in Guangzhou Visits Golden Dragon


On August 22, Shirly Coifman, Economic & Commercial Affairs Consul of General Consulate of Israel in Guangzhou paid a special visit to Golden Gragon.

After visiting the production lines of Golden Dragon and seeing the state-of-art production facilities, the consul expressed expressed her country’s willingness for promoting the exchange and technological cooperation between companies from Israel and China. Chen Dulian, Deputy General Manager of Golden Dragon, echoed her view and made clear that two two sides have huge room for cooperation.


Mobileye, a globally renowned enterprise headquartered in Israel, has already set up cooperative ties with Golden Dragon. Currently, the two parties are working closely on developing intelligent technologies for buses. Navigator, one of Golden Dragon’s fist products in 2017 targeted at the high-end market, is equipped with a lane deviation and anti-collision alarming system developed by Mobileye. The system, which significantly improves the vehicle’s safety standards, has already made its way to a number of countries and regions across the globe.


Golden Dragon officially started exploring Israeli market in 2011. Four years later, batches of Golden Dragon buses meeting Euro VI Emission Standards made their way to the country. In 2017, Golden Dragon electric buses started operation on Israel’s first electric bus route, providing greener and more convenient transportation services for local passengers.


Currently, over 1,300 units Golden Dragon buses are working smoothly in Israel, establishing a solid reputation among the public and local customers.
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