Golden Dragon: A Competitive Player in Global High-end Bus Market-An Interview with Mercedes-Benz and DCA

Golden Dragon: A Competitive Player in Global High-end Bus Market-An Interview with Mercedes-Benz and DCA

On November 8, at a celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Golden Dragon, Navigator, an epoch-making luxury bus, made its official debut to the public.

At the ceremony, Mercedes-Benz and DCA, were among a number of witnesses who witnessed the historical moment. Having been involved in the development of Navigator in the past three years, both have seen an increasingly powerful bus maker with a fast growing presence in the global bus market.
Golden Dragon: A Competitive Player in Global High-end Bus Market

Golden Dragon Brings Fresh Air to Global Bus Market

To live up to its reputation as a luxury bus, Navigator features higher reliability, lower fuel consumption, lower noise level and more powerful performances. Equipped with engines, transmission gearboxes and axles made by Benz, Navigator boasts a powertrain that is unrivaled among its domestic counterparts. “With our superior technical assistance and Golden Dragon’s rich experience in bus manufacturing industry, we believe that Navigator is set to make big splashes across the world, bringing more positive changes to the global high-end bus market,” said Cheng Shenghui, head of Mercedes-Benz Powertrain China. “Navigator is indisputably the best-performing high-end bus product we have ever seen here in China”, Cheng added.
Golden Dragon: A Competitive Player in Global High-end Bus MarketCheng Shenghui, head of Mercedes-Benz Powertrain China

Benz started its business talks with Golden Dragon at the end of 2015. In 2016, the two parties launched their cooperation program. Unlike a supplier-customer relationship, the two parties’ cooperation has been carried out in a comprehensive manner, reaching various fields. Personnel from Benz have also taken an active role in developing Navigator, making sure the vehicle reaches the highest safety standards, highest fuel economy and highest comfort level for passengers.

Soon, Navigator with Benz powertrain fully meeting Euro VI Emission Standards, will hit the international market. “Our cooperation has also expanded from just developing one single products to a whole range of bus products”, revealed Cheng.

Golden Dragon Makes New Breakthroughs in Bus Manufacturing Industry

To most passengers, a high-end bus may just come from those small details that meet the eye. To improve its interior, Golden Dragon sought help from the UK-based DCA, a well-renowned enterprise involved in design business and boasting rich experience in designing sedans and commercial vehicles for a number of big brands.

“We are very pleased to see what we have achieved with Navigator in its interior, which is not only visually pleasing, but also creates a homelike feel for all passengers,” said Mr. Rob Bassil, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DCA.
R-P Kruizinga, a senior designer of DCA

R-P Kruizinga, a senior designer of DCA, expressed his satisfaction with two particular areas on Navigator. One is the clear division of driving area and passenger area and the other is the ergonomically designed seat.

Currently, DCA is also working closely with Golden Dragon on other two projects.

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