Golden Dragon Electric Buses to Start Operation in Israel

On August 7, a batch of eight units Golden Dragon electric buses were delivered to Haifa, Israel’s third largest city. Under the management of Egged, the largest bus operator in Israel, these buses will be put into operation at the end of this month.
Able to drive 250 kilometers every day, Golden Dragon’s electric bus fully meets the demanding operation needs in Israel.      

To mark this historical moment, a grand ceremony was held in the city, witnessed by the minister of Israeli Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Industrial Cooperation and senior officials from King Long Group. Journalists from the mainstream media in Israel also attended the ceremony. 
At the ceremony, Commenting on the new program, Transportation Minister Yisrael Kate said that "Our office has been advancing the use of electric vehicles in order to reduce air pollution. Electric buses contribute a great deal to an improved enviroment and an increased quality of life, and it also improves the experience of riders with a cleaner and quieter ride."

Enrironment Minister Ze'ev Elkin said that "air pollution from public transportation is one of the greatest threats to the environment in Israel. 2,200 people die annually from air pollution in Israes, half of those caused directly by public transportation pollution. We are investing over NIS 370 million in projects that will further reduce air pollution."
As one of the leading bus brands in China, Golden Dragon is committed to manufacturing buses with lower noise level, higher energy efficiency and zero emission standards. As early as 2002, Golden Dragon set up New Energy Bus Development Team. For less than two decades, it has successfully developed a host of new technologies in such areas as electric motors, electric controls and battery protection. Golden Dragon electric driving systems, in particular, are taking the lead in the global market. 

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