259 Units Golden Dragon New Energy Buses to Start Operation in Xiamen


On July 16, a grand ceremony was held in Xiamen to mark the delivery of 501 units new energy buses made by King Long Automotive Group to Xiamen Public Transport Group. Sources reveal that the batch of environmentally friendly vehicles will be immediately put into operation. Among all the 501 units new energy buses, 259 units are branded with Golden Dragon.

Specifically, the vehicles made by Golden Dragon are Chuanliu, which is particularly designed for Xiamen. “The vehicle is equipped with continuously variable transmission (CVT) and intelligent AC system, which have contributed immensely to improve passengers’ traveling experiences. In addition, the vehicle’s long-distance monitoring system, ABS, smoke alarming system, automatic fire extinguisher, interior & exterior cameras, etc. have further improved the safety standards in public transport field”, says Peng Qingdong, Standing Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd.

It is also worth noting that the latest new energy power drive is built on the success of over 10,000 sets of Golden Dragon’s new energy power drive. With higher environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, Chuanliu buses are set to providing greener and more reliable travel services for citizens in Xiamen.


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