Golden Dragon Z Series Bring New Traveling Experiences for Passengers

 For many years, light buses made by Golden Dragon have been playing a dominant role in China's light bus market. Thanks to their outstanding performances and competitive price, they have long won the heart of many customers across China. Recently, Z series were officially revealed to the public, immediately becoming a new market sensation.

What's new about the Z series?

A) A Brand New Look

Just a glance at a new Z series will prove that it has far exceeded all your expectations. With a length of 5,480 mm, a width of 1,700 mm, and a height of 2,185 mm, the vehicle is equipped with 14 seats. Inheriting the slim body of its predecessors, it is set to meet the rising demand for the burgeoning urban logistic market, which requires vehicles to travel on some narrow alleyes.

In addition, Z series boast a more dynamic and fashionable front with newly designed front lamps, steering lamps and review mirros. The windsheld, rear review mirror and braking lamps are the three highlights of the vehicles' rear part. Larger glass windows at the passenger areas offer people wider views outside. Its wheelhubs, made of aluminum alloy, help the vehicle further cut its overall weight. Its tires (195/80/R15) have also improved the travel comforts for passengers and cut the operation costs for bus operators.

B) Attractive Interior

With a body longer than its predecessor, Z series light bus has 14 adjustable seats which are finely made to offer passengers the maximum amount of travel comforts. Its ceiling, still made of plastics, has a luxury feel. An SD card slot and a USB port are also available for its new media system. Moreover, its advanced air-conditioning system makes traveling in hot summer or cold winter a more pleasant experience instead of a nightmare. Z series light bus’s dashboard is equally impressive. Drivers enjoy a more spacious room and have every daily necessities within his/her reach.

C) Impressive Performance

Z series light bus is equipped with V22 gasoline powered engine which is made by Xinchen Power and meets Nation V emission standards. With a maximum power of 82 kilowatts, a maximum torque of 198 N.m, the engine integrates VVT, enabling it to adjust its valves more efficiently and improving its fuel economy and power performance. For driving 100 kilometers, the vehicle only consumes 11 liters of gasoline. Considering its nearly-two-ton body weight, such is indeed satisfying. Also worth mentioning is that the vehicle is mounted with a 5MT transmission gearbox, which is more responsive to drivers' operational moves. Its braking system is also highly efficient and hardly undermines the smooth operation of the vehicle.

Its hydraulic steering requires little efforts from drivers and makes driving less tiresome. Even driving on some bumpy roads, Z series light bus still maintain a high level of stability. Passengers are less likely to experience sudden and unpredictable bumps. Its NVH system has cut the noise inside the vehicle to the minimum, providing a much quieter traveling environment for passengers. Even when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 km/h, the sound meter reads 69.4 decibles.

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