Golden Dragon Electric Bus XML6125CLE

Developing new energy vehicle technology has become a major focus of the global automobile industry. Coupled with worldwide government's regulatory push on new-energy vehicle adoption, Sales across all electric vehicle segments have seen record breaking numbers in the recent past. Hence, in such a situation, XML6125CLE, an electric whole-aluminum bus jointly developed by Golden Dragon and a Netherland-based bus maker EBUSCO, has also been launched and put into trial operation in Germany, Norway, France, Denmark, and Finland in the recent past year.

Earlier in time, the XML6125CLE electric bus, produced in Golden Dragon new energy bus production base, has won Ecology Label 2015 at European Coach & Bus Week 2015. The bus receiving this award represents the highest level of advanced technology and environmental concepts partly because of the high evaluation standard and tough conditions set up by the commission. Partly for this reason, the 15 corporations involved in the competition are all strong competitors such as MAN, BENZ, IVECO and VAN etc. What makes XML6125CLE an excellent performer when compared to other buses in this segment? Follow me and have a look!

The XML6125CLE is 11.98 meters long, 2.54 meters wide, and has a height of 3.28 meters. It has a robust and extremely reliable design, a status that was conquered through the people who use it and is a product with excellent cost/benefit ratio, attribute recognized by the customers in the urban passenger transport. The XML6125CLE electric bus, which it claims guarantees a driving range up to 300 km, has been designed to achieve the greatest energy efficiency, the lowest consumption. The bus has low floor and meet the Euro 6 emissions norm. The bus is equipped with LFP 576 VDC / 540 Ah (311 KWh) battery and a 75kW fast off-board charger, which can operate under a charging mode of 630V/120A.

The whole aluminum body adopted by XML 6125CLE is much lighter than its steel predecessor, reducing the kerb weight/gross vehicle weight to 12275/19000 kg. Its total capacity of 40 passengers includes 39 seated and one driver seat. Wheelbase was up to 6010mm, motor power jumps to 150/1000 Kw/rpm and rated/peak torque of motor is up to 2500/200 N.m/rpm. The vehicle has air-conditioning system and sliding windows with tempering glasses. Furthermore, the model has an air suspension system, providing greater comfort, as well as ACTIA CAN. Other important characteristics are the Front/Middle double inward door, monitors and system in order to monitor and record images.

In terms of Chassis, XML6125CLE is equipped with ZF RL82EC front axles, ZF AV 132 rear axles, ZF8098,hydraulic assisted steering system, as well as Double-circuit air brake,front/rear disk type KNNOR disk braking system, EBS/ABS/ASR (WABCO), ECAS (WABCO) and Kumho 275/70R22.5 tire.

According to the report, we'll reach a tipping point in around 2020, when new energy vehicle actually become cheaper than running traditional diesel buses in much of the world. This will cause acceleration in the application of clean energy buses. When the opportunity came for Golden Dragon, we believe that it will see a boost in new energy vehicles sales.

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