Golden Dragon Aims to Market its Fist Product, Kast D8 Electric Bus in 2017

In 2016, Golden Dragon officially rolled out Kast D8 electric bus, as its new fist product. In the same year, the sales volume of the vehicle reached 1,600 units. Built on the huge success of the seven-meter Kast, which made its debut in 2015 and sold 1,800 units in the same year, D8, measuring eight meters in length, is chiefly targeted at the commuting, passenger transport and public transport markets. According to Peng Qingdong, deputy general manager of Golden Dragon, the bus maker will focus on marketing D8 this year, aiming to make a big splash in the cutthroat market.
Peng Qingdong, deputy general manager of Golden Dragon

With an electric drive system, D8 will mainly work in urban areas. Despite the shrinking subsidies from the governments, D8 features larger passenger space and more travel comforts. It is expected to play an increasingly significant role in improving the bus operators’ profit margin in the long run.  

“In the past few years, we have been making constant efforts to optimize our new energy vehicles through a number of effective measures, such as reducing the vehicle’s body weight, introducing new materials”, says Peng Qingdong.

Apart from improving its quality and reliability, Golden Dragon has also rolled out a number of post-service packages to win the hearts of its customers. A 200,000-kilometer quality guarantee within five years and a well-established after-sales network in China with 628 exclusive service stations and 12 spare parts inventories are just among a few moves which make bus operators extremely happy. 

Apart from D8, Golden Dragon also rolled out new energy bus products in TRIUMPH, SPLENDOUR and X5 series forming a formidable new energy bus fleet in the market. 

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