Golden Dragon Holds Great Ambitions

In recent years, along with the continued boom in the new energy bus market, a number of enterprises have entered this promising field in the hope of making a killing. Under the seemingly prosperous market, there are still a number of problems and challenges that call for our immediate attention.
 In the face of the cutthroat competition and constantly changing market conditions, Golden Dragon has been growing steadily and adhering to its original commitment to technological innovation.
“Despite the dwindling new energy vehicle subsidies, we are still extremely confident that we can achieve an annual growth rate of 10% this year”, says Peng Dongqing, Deputy General Manager of Golden Dragon. 
As one of the pioneers in China’s bus manufacturing industry, Golden Dragon has never wavered in its commitment to providing the best quality buses for customers. Now, the company holds great ambitions and has mapped out a blueprint for its bright future.

Since its birth, Golden Dragon has always been giving the first priority to its customers and sticking to a development road featuring technological advances and creating the maximum value for its customers. Take its D8 for example. The vehicle made its debut in May last year. In less than ten months, the sales volume of the vehicle broke the 2,000 units threshold. Built on the success of the seven-meter Kast coach, D8 is measuring 8 meters in length and 2.28 meters in width. It has also successfully lost weight by at least four tons compared with other 8-meter buses. Apart from its agility, D8 also achieves high safety standards and high energy efficiency, making itself an ideal choice for passenger transportation market.

Together with D8, Golden Dragon electric van, Splendor medium-sized coach, and Triumph large-sized coach are all available with new energy drivelines, meeting customers’ varied needs.
While making relentless efforts to develop new energy vehicles, Golden Dragon has successfully maintained its competitiveness in the fossil-fueled bus market. “This year at Tianjin International Bus Exhibition, we rolled out a seven-meter Kast equipped with a gasoline power driveline as well as an automatic gearbox and a V8 engine from GM. In the coming September, the new vehicle will be assigned to serve at 2017 Brics Summit held in Xiamen”, according to Peng Dongqing.
 In addition, Golden Dragon has set up cooperative ties with Mercedes Benz, aiming to strengthen its foothold in the high-end bus market both at home and abroad. So far, Golden Dragon new energy buses have already established a sizable presence in a number of developed countries, including the U.K., France, Netherlands, and Israel.
“In Zhangzhou, we are building a new energy bus production base, which covers an area of 5,000 mu. After its completion, it will greatly boost our production capacity and strengthen our R&D capacity”, reveals Peng Dongqing.

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