Polestar Electric Bus

8.5M Electric bus

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Product Features

Polestar is the new-generation 8-meter electric city buses. Brand new design, LED combined headlights, large-area glass on the side walls of the body, increase passenger visibility; smooth styling achieves excellent drag coefficient, the drag coefficient of the vehicle is only 0.43 (60KM/H), resulting in lower energy consumption Performance; rich layered line combination, blending new and dynamic design language, more outstanding.

Polestar have optimized body structure, adopted light-weight high-strength steel, combined with cathodic electrophoresis technology and full-bearing body technology, greatly improving the lightweight level of the vehicle and reducing energy consumption by more than 10%. Polestar is also equipped with a brand-new three-electric system, with a waterproof rating of IP68, equipped with CATL lithium iron phosphate batteries, BMS and battery heat preservation and heating technology and many other energy-saving technologies to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle, economic and environmental protection, and a longer cruising range .

Technical Specification

Model: XML6885
Wheelbase (mm)5190
Curb Weight(kg)8650,8250
Rated Seat Capacity16-27
Max.Passenger Capacity80
Suspension SystemAir suspension
Electric MotorPermanent magnet synchronous motor
Door ArrangementFront door&Middle door
Max Power Output (KW)120
Battery TypeCATL LFP


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