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One of the highlights at Golden Dragon’s stand is our autonomous driving bus—ASTAR. We believe that in the future, autonomous driving technology will replace traditional drivers to some extent. From 2014, Golden Dragon start the exploration of driverless bus. As the new outcome of technology revolution, the autonomous driving bus has developed beyond the boundary of vehicle industry, involving vehicle manufacture, network communication, intelligence traffic, positioning, internet application, etc. In compliance with L4 Autonomous driving vehicle, ASTAR represents the highest achievement of China bus and coach technology and is set to usher a brand-new era of bus industry.


ASTAR autonomous driving bus is co-designed by Golden Dragon and DCA Company in UK. With a length of 6 meter and streamlined body, ASTAR possesses a lower drag coefficient. Measuring 2.56 meter in height and 1.1-meter outer swing passenger door, it offers one-step access for passengers and ensures quick boarding and alighting. The large panoramic windows bring a broad view to passengers inside. With 10 seats in ASTAR, the maximum passenger capacity can be 24, this will easily handle the passenger flow in the rush hour. In the interior, two 32-inch LED display are used to provide passengers with driving information, safety alerts and entertainment services.


SMARTPILOT is a new autonomous driving platform developed by Golden Dragon, is the outcome of product reformation and technology innovation. Consisting of sensor layer, Fusion layer and control planning layer, SMARTPILOT boasts highly accurate positioning, intelligent sensing and intelligent control.

On ASTAR, its sensor system consists of Lidar, millimeter wave radar, GPS antenna and high dynamic range (HDR) camera. Those sensors help the bus gain a thorough understanding of road conditions and help the vehicle detect pedestrians and other vehicles.

SMARTPILOT can realize the autonomous driving and perform a number of complex driving tasks, such as lane changing, avoid pedestrians, dynamic obstacle avoidance (DOA) ,overtake, site parking, traffic light recognition, speed limit sign recognition ,etc.

Sheer design for autonomous driving

In the early stage of development, ASTAR fully considered the layout of the automatic driving system, all functions and facilities has been put into the vehicle.

First, ASTAR is equipped with advanced laser radar, mini-meter wave radar, and high-definition camera, GPS-IMU, and high-precision wire-integrated chassis, all of which have been widely used in other fields. Moreover, the vehicle achieves higher stability and higher accuracy in its performances. Engineers also make the redundancy designs of each part of this platform for safety reasons. Thirdly, it makes the interactions between vehicles and human beings more convenient. You have two driving mode in ASTAR, one is the autonomous driving mode and another is the manual operation. When a driver interacts with the steering wheel, the autonomous driving mode will instantly change into manual mode. More importantly, with higher maneuverability and higher agility, it is an ideal choice for the last-kilometer transportation in urban areas.

Technical Specification

Wheelbase (mm)3820
Angle of Approach / Departure(°)13/19
Fornt / Rear Overhang1220/1005
Curb Weight(kg)3090
Electric Motor
Door Arrangement1
Max.Passenger Capacity24
Rated Seat Capacity9
Engine ModelTZ258XS-320D9C1
Gross Weight (KG)5440
Max Torque(N·M)90KW
Max Power320N·M


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ASTAR Autonomous Version(PDF, 4.80Mb)

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