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Product Features

Navigator is a 12-meter high floor luxurious coach, it is suitable for long trip, fixed tour routes and other special purposes. As the latest Golden Dragon coach model, Navigator is jointly developed by Golden Dragon Bus Company and British DCA Company.  Over 3 years, the design, technology and manufacturing ability has been upgraded.


Appearance Design

The flowing and delicate line of the body not only demonstrates the elegance but also takes the fuel-saving into consideration. Excellent complete coach drag coefficient of 0.548 makes it more perfect. LED lights are adopted for whole coach, the illuminance, low energy consumption and life span have reached the leading level. The design inspiration of the headlight comes from the sharp and smart eagle eyes. The dual light bands of the headlights and taillights add layering for the whole design.


Passenger's Area

The interior design involves many fields such as man-machine engineering, aesthetics, optics, acoustics, material science, etc., inside the passenger compartment, the subtle ambient lights reflect on the three-dimensional roof board, and the suspending lamp bezels of the reading lights add radiance and beauty to each other.

Passenger seat adopts the design of human ergonomics, with the better leather fabric, the headrest can be adjusted up or down so as to fully fit people’s sitting posture, this will provide a comfortable experience for the passengers. Moreover, the separate Auto Cooling-and-Heating A/C Systems appropriately distribute the air ventilation to make sure the temperature is comfortable inside the coach.   There are separate Auto Cooling-and-Heating A/C systems for driver’s and passengers’ area, as well as separated A/C air vent upon every seat. 

NVH technologies are applied for the whole coach, it optimizes the vibration decreasing and sound insulation so as to create a quieter environment for riding. Passengers can select video programs through cell phone or tablets through the access of WIFI network.


Driver's Area

The strictest standard is applied for the design of the driver’s visual field, so as to bring a wider vision. The design of Driver’s area comes from Man-machine engineering, the dashboard and buttons are precisely designed to be easily observed, all equipment are properly distributed for the driver’s operation. 12.3” LCD screen dashboard displays more contents and individual man-machine intercommunication; it is combined with the functions of air conditioning, music, GPS, blue tooth, internet of vehicles, etc., more easily operated and clearly displayed. The functions of radio, Bluetooth play and communication can be operated in the driver’s area with separate audio system.

Rotatable driver seat is easily accessed by driver and it relieves driving fatigue with the functions of ventilation, massage, etc. Automatic start, ATM, electric parking brake, separate audio system and A/C system in driver’s area, all these create easy environment for driving and make the travel safer.


Dynamic System

The safety, reliability, comfort and service convenience of Navigator’s chassis and dynamic system all reach the world first class, there are several optional plans for the dynamic system, and this model is aiming at the Asian and Chinese market, at the beginning of the development, we have considered the European standard and compatibility, and in the future, we would like to launch a model which is suitable for the European market.

The current dynamic system used Mercedes-Benz’s OM 457LA engine, GO240-8 AMT transmission and free-maintenance rear axle, Voith hydraulic retarder and integrated side-placed water tank, all these make the Navigator possess many advantages, such as, more power, few fuel consumption, low noises and maintenance cost etc. 

Mercedes-Benz’s engine has advantages of long working life, convenient maintenance and low malfunction rate, its max power is 295kw/1900rpm, the max torque is 2000N.m, and the max grade ability is 58%, it takes only 21 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 70km/h. Voith’s hydraulic retarder with the max torque of 3000N.m, which effectively reduces the braking distance and prolongs the service life of the brake shoes, makes the braking safer.



Safety is the First Priority

To manufacture the safest product is always the first priority of Golden Dragon, the Navigator meets the R.66.02 safety regulations requirement. Closed-loop monocoque body structure is applied with lightweight design, High strength steel is adopted for the whole-body frame to highly improve the body strength. Many important parts including driver area have been strengthened to improve the safety of the driver. Besides that, many modern active systems are optional for Navigator, this can reduce the risks and guarantee the stability on some unpredictable occasion.

  ● Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): To warn driver by sound and diagram so as to reduce accident risks due to lane departure.

  ● Front Collision Warning System (FCWS): To real-time monitor front vehicles, calculating the distance, direction and relative speed between two vehicles, and warning driver of the potential collision risks.

  ● Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) and Tire Emergency Safety Device (TESD): To monitor the tire pressure and temperature so as to avoid direction and brake being out of control when the tire blows out.

  ● Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS): The coach is equipped with EBS, ESC system, it can be upgraded to AEBS, ACC system.  If the driver does not take measures immediately when the Front Collision Warning System gives a warning, AEBS will automatically apply to avoid collision. (optional specification).

  ● Driver Fatigue Monitor System (BAWS):  Through cameras and ECU, BAWS can evaluate driver’s fatigue situation with driver’s face character, eyes information and head movement, then it could promptly warn driver once there is a problem.

  ● Night Vision System (NVS): To distinguish moving living things and give alarm in the night time or low light hostile environment, providing feedbacks to the computer and give more predictable ability to the driver. (optional specification)

  ● 360° Around View Monitor (AVM): To real-time display the ambient environment of vehicle. Image will be switch to the turning side while changing lane so as to help driver to eliminate blind zones and grasp the situation outside vehicle.

  Interior Details

Technical Specification

Wheelbase (mm)2550
Angle of Approach / Departure(°)3795
OM457 LA
TransmissionBenz GO240-8AMT
Suspension SystemAir Suspension ECAS
Front/Rear AxleZF RL85EC Independent Suspension
Brake SystemDisc Braking
Door ArrangementFront&Centre
Max.Passenger CapacityUp to 55 Seats
Rated Seat Capacity47 Seats
Luggage Compartment Volume9.5
Engine ModelOM457 LA
Max Torque(N·M)2000N.m/1100rpm
Max Power295KW or 400HP/1900rpm
Emission StandardEuro V
Exhaust TreatmentSCR
SuspensionAir Suspension ECAS
Steering SystemZF 8098 Steering
Rear AxleZF RL85EC Independent Suspension
Front AxleBenz RO440-13
Fuel Tank400L
Auxiliary BrakeKNORR Braking Disc Braking calipers EBS ESC
Other OptionLane Departure Warining System; Front Collision Warning System; Tire Pressure Monitor System; Driver Fatigue Monitor System; 360° Around View Monitor; AEBS; Night Vision System


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Navigator EuroV(PDF, 8.43Mb)

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